When co-founder Dani started his medical training he was exposed to a multitude of diseases that can be prevented, treated, or even cured by a healthy diet and lifestyle. This realization paralleled a growing passion for cooking. He was attracted to the idea of viewing nutrition through an evolutionary lens and eventually found his way to the Paleo diet. Noticing a profound improvement in his energy and overall well-being, he shared the Paleo diet with his mother, father, and sister and co-founder, Patricia.

It wasn’t long before his entire family “went Paleo” and noticed similar improvements in their health. However, there was one thing that they all missed: Pizza. Enter, Papa Urcuyo. Determined to create a healthy alternative to traditional pizza, he spearheaded the development of our delicious PaleoPizza. Soon after, the Urcuyo’s shared their creation with family and friends, and PaleoMD was born. The company was founded on the belief that food has the power to prevent and treat many chronic health conditions. In short, food is medicine.

PaleoMD: here to help you be the best version of you - one pizza at a time.